Sunday, July 28, 2013

TPP & TBS ( Pakistan Steel )

( Pakistan Steel).

As a part of project design, Pakistan Steel has its own Thermal Power Plant (capacity 110 MW ), comprising of 3 generators 55 MW each, two stay in operation and the third as standby. The plant also  has 3 Turbo Blowers of capacity 1,600 - 2,200 N cu. m/min each and four Boilers of capacity  220 t /hr.  

Thermal Power Plant uses mostly the coke oven gas and steam from coke oven batteries (an internally available fuel) to generate electricity and represents an extensive energy complex of the industrial power supply with specific focus on the needs of the metallurgical enterprise.

The turbo blowers generate large volume of air blast (compressed air) which is supplied to Iron Making Department for melting iron ore to produce pig iron in Blast Furnace. The compressors powered by steam turbines are connected to electrical generators.

The above view showing, out-going pipe lines of compressed air to Iron making department & in-coming gas and steam pipe lines from Coke oven to T.P.P.& T.B.S.

Due to continuous running of TPP & TBS, an internal wear & tear result to the turbo blowers, steam turbines, bearing blocks, stators, rotors and casing of generators. Most of the repair and maintenance work of turbo-machinery components & generators and associated insulation and cladding work of boilers is carried out internally by Pakistan Steel with the help of repair shop complex of Central Maintenance Department and Refractory repair department.

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