Monday, July 29, 2013

Repair Shop Complex (Pakistan Steel)

Repair Shop Complex (C.M.D.) Pakistan Steel.

This is a repair and maintenance-providing facility in Pakistan Steel functions under Central Maintenance Department , plays vital role to fulfill the needs of different production units of Pakistan Steel.

Repair shop complex (C. M.D) provides services in capital repairs and major running repairs.  It is also incharge of breakdown services and immediate emergency repairs of various units of Pakistan Steel.

  A view of Repair shop complex.

Mechanical Repair facilities.
Heavy machine tools shop of Repair Shop Complex has capability of  handling  mechanical  spare  parts  up to  20 metric tons.

In order to describe the capabilities of heavy machine tools and fabricating facilities in the repair shop complex of Pakistan steel, few of the following illustration are taken from similar machine tool and fabrication facilities.

Appearance of heavy machine tools.

C.M.D. carries out repair/ maintenance of overhead bridge cranes up to 180 tons capacity, gantry cranes, weighbridges & cargo/passenger lifts and also undertakes repair & rectification of various equipments of different production units of Pakistan steel.

Various types of rollers of continuous casting machines and rolling mills are repaired and rebuilt at repair shop complex.

Heavy equipments like Steel ladles and slag pots are also rebuilt and repaired at Fabrication shop.

Fabrication and overhauling of ducts, GI corrugated sheet for roofing, fans, blowers and impellers etc. carried out in repair shop complex.

Electrical Repair Facilities.
Electrical repair shop undertakes rewinding of Low Tension AC induction motors upto 320 KW and DC motors upto 180 KW. Rewinding of Brake coils of over head bridge cranes of steel making department up to 180 tons  capacity which are distinctive of their kind in Pakistan.

 Overhauling of power transformers up to 1600 KVA, High Torque motors upto 800 KW and field maintenance of motor upto 7000 KW is carried out at  Electrical repair shop.

Metallurgical Facilities.
Repair shop complex have metallurgical production facilities that include molding machines, electric are furnace, cupola furnace, induction furnace, crucible furnace, shake-out grid, shot blasting machine and tumbling barrels. 

  Foundry facilities include steel castings, cast iron  and non ferrous metal castings, forge & heat treatment shops which regularly  produce various spares parts for different complexes of Pakistan Steel.

Important spare parts like LD-Converter’s Oxygen Lance copper nozzles head  and  Blast furnace copper tuyere are cast and fabricated at non-ferrous casting facilities. The dimensional accuracy of these sensitive parts are of prime importance and any deviation from standards directly effects the iron and steel production processes.

The provision of a heavy machine tools shop, foundry and fabrication facilities at repair shop complex, few discussed above in the soviet design, makes good economic sense to enhance spare & equipments availability. The above repair & fabrication facilities may be upgraded and extended to make them more efficient and economical for inside/ outside orders in future expansion program. 

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