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Tragedy Gayari Sector, Siachen Pakistan


Tragedy Gayari Sector, Siachen Pakistan.

An avalanche smashed into Pakistan’s army camp and trapped around 135 Pak soldiers in the area on de facto border with India, Saturday April 7 , 2012, at 6 AM .

Siachen has always been part of Pakistan since independence in 1947. As per Simla agreement,2 July 1972 in which the then Indian Prime Minister, Mrs Indra Gandhi, promised that his country would accept the line of Control in the state of Jammu & Kashmir as the de facto border and not try to destabilize it.

Pakistan’s position or claimed line before 1984 shown below.

In 1984, breaking the regulations of Simla agreement, India occupied the key areas on the Siachen glacier, including the heights,and at that moment Pakistan immediately responded by deploying its own forces. The heavily militarised glacier is over 6,300 metres (20,800 feet) high and is of high strategic importance and should be seen in the scenario of whole dispute of J& K.

Dr.Moeed Pirzada discussed with Lt. Gen. (r) V.P. Raghawan, Lt. Gen. (r) Syed Athar Ali on the current position of Siachen at under.

 Present positions of Indian and Pakistani bases at Siachen. 

India reportedly forks out more than 40 million rupees ($800,000) daily on its Siachen deployment. India has around 5,000 troops on the glacier, while Pakistan has less than half that number.

Siachen is close to four of the world's 14 peaks over 8,000 metres- K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II- all of which are on the Pakistani side of the frontline and source of developing tourism.

Future Planning for Dams in Pakistan 2000-2025.

The disaster is reported as the biggest casualty that has ever happened in the area. But until mutual pullout of India and Pakistan is made possible, we should avoid to give any statements which undermine the high morale of Pak. Army soldiers and officers.

Tribute to the officers and solders who have given their life for defending the motherland at the highest and toughest borders of the world.

Aye Nigar e Watan tu salamat rahay.

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